• Il villaggio

The village

We are committed to building a space full of beauty, to live on a human scale.

A unique and inseparable global work of art.

The paths are exclusively pedestrian within the village as a choice of peace and serenity.

The 'silence' is protected from the car, which is kept within the perimeter around the village.

The development of the houses is configured with irregularities on sloping heights. Pedestrian movements within the village take place along cardi and decumani. The decumans develop following the horizontal elevations of the gentle slope of the hills. The cardi address the easy ascent and descent of the hill.

Spaces to stop and enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the place are organised at the junction of the cardi with the decumani.

The choice of a pedestrian use of the paths reduces the size of the works and favours the preservation of the naturalness of the places with pleasant ecological and environmental solutions.

Use of natural building materials, without the use of cement. The paving of the paths, stairs, small squares and walkable rest areas are made of granite stone, in the form of hand-carved boulders laid into the ground.



“Everything that is not slightly deformed has something insensitive about it. Irregularity is the hallmark of beauty.”

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