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Some Sardinian coastlines host settlements lacking the necessary strength to send a message of coherence and homogeneity in a habitat of powerful and delicate beauty. At times, stones are humiliated to the role of "appearing" without "being" primary in the role of proud protagonists of structural statics.

Architecture unfolds with simplicity if the materials are indigenous and if the urban layout is designed to be possessed by nature without forced modernity.

The proposed settlement seeks a pleasant union between environment and architecture with the intention of recovering the historical dimension of the place with attention to the types and materials of the Nuragic and Roman civilisations.

The particular characteristic of the village is the widespread use of exposed stone and "trilite". In the dwellings, the monolithic stones give the work stability, energy, warmth, tension and poetic transfigurability. Their use re-proposes the ancestral architecture of Sardinian stone.



“Everything that is not slightly deformed has something insensitive about it. Irregularity is the hallmark of beauty.”

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