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Construction details

In-depth research has been conducted on the ways of building in Sardinia: with granite, with local materials and with construction techniques that descend from the wisdom of stonemasons and peasants, for whom essentiality, economy and beauty are hard-won certainties.

Research was extended to the masonry, monoliths, the colours of the granite, the way the stones are linked and articulated in the contours of the openings, the terracotta roofing tiles, and the overhang of the canals.

The monoliths used are consanguineous with the erratic boulders of the habitat, an energetic and formal counterpoint to the shapes of Sardinia's enchanting totemic stones.

The paths, the common works, the dwellings, have been designed with the same criteria and materials, ensuring the entire complex unity of language and appropriate homogeneity.



“Everything that is not slightly deformed has something insensitive about it. Irregularity is the hallmark of beauty.”

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