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We have diversified and characterised the housing settlement: path after path and house after house, negotiating all the elements.

The housing typological model, repeated with diversified and harmonious variants, configures a unitary village, entirely at the service of the community that guarantees privacy and at the same time stimulates friendly coexistence.

The dwellings are characterised by an open plan composed of three distinct parts: the covered part for the day, the covered part for the night, and a third part for the open-air living room, the true heart of the house, which we have called the 'Patio'.

The "typological house" is thus presented as a stone shield which, from the open heart towards the sea, offers evocative close-ups of bare stone, visions of primordial landscapes, where the sky, sea, sun and Mediterranean scrub are truly undisputed protagonists.

The entrance from the patio to the garden passing under the veil of stones evokes archetypes belonging to popular culture. The patio, which is the most lived-in place in the house, is here understood as the central place, the 'focal point' of the family, around which the life of every private moment and relationship flows. Fifty square metres, neither too much nor too little, to live in serenity and friendship in the reassuring solidarity of the community.

The dwellings are grouped together according to connections that give the Village a high meaning of "community" while maintaining, due to their closed shell conformation, a high degree of privacy.

Above all, the expressive presence of bare stone dominates, used in the manner of Michelucci and Wright.



“Everything that is not slightly deformed has something insensitive about it. Irregularity is the hallmark of beauty.”

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